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Dr. Silke Holtmanns is shortlisted for Women in Telecoms Award

Silke was recently shortlisted for ‘Women in Telecoms Awards’ at the World Communication Awards. For the past 23 years, the World Communication Awards have recognised innovation and excellence for global telecoms, and today continues to be the most revered mark of achievement in the industry. It is no surprise to us here at AdaptiveMobile Security, an Enea company that Silke has been recognised for her many achievements, but we want to share with you some of her many accomplishments which highlight why she is considered at the very top of her profession.

World Communication Awards: Innovation and Excellence in Global Telecoms

Dr. Silke Holtmanns is Head of 5G Security Research for AdaptiveMobile Security. As a Member of Advisory Group for Cybersecurity at European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and Member of Panel of Experts for GSMA CVD program, Silke is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on 5G security and its emerging threats, most recently uncovering three major vulnerabilities in the architecture of 5G Network Slicing and Virtualized Network Functions.  Silke is also a passionate advocate of women in telecoms and cybersecurity, using her industry platform as a respected researcher and speaker to encourage women to pursue roles in the emerging – and critically important – 5G cybersecurity scene.


Throughout her 17-year career, Silke has worked at the forefront of cellular network security, identifying threats and developing mitigation techniques and technologies. She has consistently produced ground-breaking research – most recently detailing major security flaws in 5G core network slicing design, fundamental vulnerabilities that have the potential to allow fraud, data access and denial of service attacks between different network slices on a mobile operator’s 5G Network, leaving enterprise customers exposed to malicious cyberattacks.

Silke’s body of work and research in the area of telecom security is held is very high regard by the entire telecommunications industry and includes developments in new security research and features development for SEPP signalling firewalls and investigations into attacks using SS7, Diameter or 5G Rest API via the Interconnect. Her research has directly contributed to the development of countermeasures for 4G/5G networks based on monitoring, filtering, and advanced protection approaches using machine learning. She also serves as an expert on existing and upcoming attack patterns internally, with customers, standardization and regional as well as national regulating bodies.

Prior to AdaptiveMobile Security, Silke was a Distinguished Member of Research Staff at Nokia Bell Labs, reflecting her extensive experience in the telecommunications industry with a specialty in mobile security research. Dr. Holtmanns has made significant industry contributions on mobile security, actively supporting the evolution of 5G interconnection security in 3GPP and development of GSMA 5G security standards. A much sought after and respected industry speaker, Silke plays an active role in driving industry awareness and collaboration in the field 5G cybersecurity. In 2019, she was rewarded with the Knighthood of the Order of the Lion of Finland for successfully driving security for critical communication infrastructure. She also served as a subject matter expert for US FCC and EU ENISA.

Women in the Technology Sector

The cybersecurity and indeed the technology field has traditionally been dominated by men, thankfully more women are now making their way into the sector. Silke contributed to a ‘Women Invents’ series for Silicon Republic publication and when she was asked for her experience and advice for Women pursuing carriers in technology this was her response:

‘Keep the keyboard in your hand’

Holtmanns recalled an important memory as a woman in STEM when she was a PhD student and teaching tutorials in maths for computer science undergraduates.

“When I turned up to teach my very first group of computer science students, it was a class of older male students. As I entered the room, they greeted me by informing me that I was in the wrong classroom and that the primary teaching students were scheduled in the classroom next door. When I explained that I was in fact teaching the mathematics class, they quickly realised their mistake.

“It’s a memory from a long time ago but it always reminds me of how important it is to make sure you don’t let people put you in a box. You can be a programmer, software developer or a hacker while simultaneously loving baking, oil painting or even martial arts. Doing one does not stop you from enjoying the other.”

Offering further advice to other women in tech, she said: “Make sure to keep the keyboard in your hand. I mean that physically.

“Even if it takes a touch longer, don’t give it away. You do the typing, you do the clicking, or you might miss something and will not learn the tricks of trade. It has been essential in my own career to date.

AdaptiveMobile Security, an Enea company celebrates women in cyber security

AdaptiveMobile Security, an Enea company are very proud of Silke’s achievements and delighted she is receiving industry recognition for her ongoing contribution to the sector and her world class research. We here at AdaptiveMobile Security, an Enea company, will continue to support and encourage female participation in the cyber security sector.

Once again, we congratulate Silke on her shortlisting and wish her all the best for the Women in Telcoms Award at the World Communications awards which are held: 26 October 2021 | 18:00 - 21:00 GMT | Business Design Centre, London

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