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AdaptiveMobile presented with Network Management Excellence accolade at the Awards 2014

AdaptiveMobile is delighted that it has been presented with the first ever ‘Network Management Excellence’ award at the Awards 2014. AdaptiveMobile was recognised for its distinguished mobile network security services at the awards ceremony last night.

Receiving the Network Management Excellence award confirms AdaptiveMobile’s status at the forefront of identifying and neutralising emerging mobile-borne threats, including most recently the self-propagating Selfmite SMS worm, a new generation of Android malware. In June 2014, AdaptiveMobile was the first to uncover the Selfmite worm which was used to abuse legal ad services and pay-per-install schemes.

The exponential increase in devices with network capabilities has been mirrored by a rise in network security threats; at AdaptiveMobile we anticipate and eliminate such threats before the end user can be affected. AdaptiveMobile’s unique big data analysis capabilities witness over 30 billion mobile events every day from every region of the globe – the equivalent of 10.9 trillion events per year. Every day at AdaptiveMobile, we filter more than 2 billion SMS messages, secure 55 million emails, protect more than 18 billion instant messages and filter more than 8 billion web requests. We are certain that this level of diligence and protection secured us the award last night.

AdaptiveMobile’s win was also influenced by our own growth levels over the past 18 months. AdaptiveMobile’s security solutions are now deployed in 9 out of the top 10 mobile operator groups globally (excluding China), protecting over 1 billion subscribers from mobile security threats.

The significant growth of AdaptiveMobile’s operator customer base across the board is in line with analyst forecasts on the growth of the messaging protection and security market, with the SMS security market alone forecast by Infonetics to be worth $1billion by 2018.

As enterprise mobility strategies such as BYOD bring more potential unprotected devices into the enterprise, exposing businesses to new threats out of their control, this year AdaptiveMobile introduced its cloud-based Enterprise Mobile Security Management (MSM). The hosted, white-label security solution is now in over 20 trials with operators worldwide. The MSM solution increases the value of AdaptiveMobile’s relationship with mobile operators, delivering integrated end-to-end security for the enterprise.

The award itself was introduced by popular demand to reward companies that provide network management services that facilitate more efficient control over network infrastructure. The award was judged with evidence of where the use of these services has materially assisted their client. We are very proud of our accomplishment and will continue to improve our solutions to maintain our status as the number one worldwide mobile security provider.